The Game Plan

The JF Game Plan Social Media Hub helps you create and maintain a winning social media strategy. Engage your recruits, fans and alumni using the most popular social media channels all together in one engaging online site.

Social Media Hub

Your Social Media, in one place.

Social Media is no longer an ‘option’. Want to go viral? Get a cool video on YouTube. Want to be a ‘worldwide trending topic’ on Twitter? Get a hashtag going and watch it grow. In order to be successful, you need to leverage this powerful tool when marketing your program to recruits and fans.

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The Advantage

The Game Plan Social Media Hub and The Game Plan Mobile App give your program a home for all of its social media interactions.

  • Twitter directories to make it easy for recruits and fans to follow coaches and student-athletes
  • Instagram galleries to highlight the photos you post or your fans are posting
  • YouTube feeds to highlight your team, highlight and stadium videos
  • Facebook feeds
  • Photo Galleries
  • and much more…all fed by the content of your social media, your interactions with the fans
    and will make your recruits sit up and take notice.

The Game Plan Social Media Hub

The need to go mobile!

If your audience has gone mobile, then you need to go mobile. The Game Plan Mobile App takes your social media hub to an iPhone or Android app and allows your social media to be delivered with local notifications directly through the app to all subscribers whenever new content is available. In addition, you will have the ability to broadcast messages through the app about upcoming events, scores, highlights and more.

College football iphone and ipad apps

Affordable and Effective

JumpForward’s GAME PLAN for social media.

Call or email us today for a demo and let’s get your program ‘social’!