A comprehensive financial solution to simplify budgets for coaches and automate EADA and NCAA reports.


  • Financial reporting tools to compile and audit data for EADA and NCAA reports
  • Budget status reports to provide tailored information for coaches and staff
  • Encumbrance placeholders to max. accuracy in remaining budget calculations
  • Searchable transaction lists to sort and filter accounting data using various criteria
  • Budget dev. features to enter line item details and manage daily workflow
  • Long-term forecasting methods to apply assumptions and review projections
  • Account management settings to create user profiles and define access levels


Streamline financial tasks
for your athletic
at an affordable price
09-10 Budget Actual YTD (Thru May) Encumbrances Rem. Balances % of budget used
Women’s Softball Expense
Coaches Budget
Equipment and supplies $10,000 $11,756 ($1,756) 117.6%
Home game expense $1,000 $35 $966 3.5%
Office expenses $5,000 $11,373 ($6,373) 227.5%
Promotions $7,000 $10,430 ($3,430) 149.0%
Recruiting $30,000 $28,257 $1,743 94.2%
Training Expense $6,000 $11,308 ($5,308) 188.5%
Travel, Team $200,000 $160,354 $39,646 80.2%
Total Coaches Budget $259,000 $233,513 $25,487 90.2%


  • Automate EADA and NCAA data compilation prior to year end
  • Make it easy for coaches and staff to build and monitor their budgets
  • Complete budget development efficiently with two iterative steps
  • Improve decision-making using turnkey forecasting methods
  • Eliminate hundreds of hours on financial planning and reporting tasks
  • Take advantage of transparency to identify and reduce excess spending
  • Access your content any time and place through the Web


Feedback from 100% of the 60+ staff members using Elevation has been positive

- Lori Arthurs - Director of Finance, Auburn Athletics

NCAA and EADA Reporting could not be made easier

- Daucy Crizer - SAsst AD/Business, Lamar Athletics