API Documentation

What is it?

An API integration between JumpForward’s Compliance Toolbox and your on-campus information system allows information to be communicated between the two systems. The JF API is agnostic in that can be consumed by any student services provider such as Peoplesoft, Banner, Jenzibar, etc.

How does it work?

JumpForward will provide your staff with the JumpForward Web Services Integration API Guide to be shared with your institution’s IT Department (also available in the Compliance Toolbox). This documentation should be referred to when an IT Department develops a client that consumes the service. JumpForward also provides your staff with the JumpForward Compliance Toolbox Student-Athlete Data Guide, which explains the available data points relevant to student-athlete information. This guide will help the compliance department decide which data fields they would like mapped from the campus system to the Compliance Toolbox or vice-versa.

Once you have chosen the appropriate fields you’d like to have mapped into the Compliance Toolbox, a meeting can be set up between your institution’s IT Department staff and the JF staff to answer any outstanding questions.


To get started, please log into JumpForward and go to Settings to view our API Documentation. If you need access to JF, please contact support@jumpforward.

JumpForward Single Sign-on

The JumpForward Single Sign-on (SSO) allows a user to automatically click into the JumpForward website without entering their username and password. As long as a user is set up in the JumpForward website and set up in your campus portal they will be able to click into JumpForward directly.

To request this documentation just email us:

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API integration with Jenzabar, Oracle PeopleSoft, Datatel and Elucian Campus Systems