About Us

JumpForward has over 150,000 users and 175 college athletic departments that use our products department wide. Using JumpForward will reduce complications and miscommunications that come from using multiple vendors and streamline on campus communications and operations.

JumpForward products are used by Coaches, Compliance Staffs, Student Athletes, Financial Aid, Registrars, Development, Admissions, Marketing, Ticket Offices, and Equipment Managers. The best indicator of our success is a 99% renewal rate. We provide a best in class product and best in class customer service.

The Stats


Our Culture

JumpForward brings together a talented group of individuals with a passion for technology and sports.  Combining years of collective experience, our team works closely together to bring Athletic Departments best in class technology and service.  We believe in developing close relationships with our customers so that we can work together to solve problems through our customer service and software solutions.  
We work in a creative, fun, and focused atmosphere in the West Loop of Chicago, Illinois.  If you step into our office you might catch us debating college football, streaming Baseball or Soccer, or getting in a quick game of FIFA 14 on PS4:) 


Our Story

  • Beginnings

    JumpForward's Founder and Chief Data Officer, Adam McCombs, leaves his job at Cisco in order to build his vision for college athletic departments: a web, mobile, and tablet based platform that takes full advantage of the latest consumer products (Smartphones, iPads, etc).

  • JumpForward is Born

    Adam incorporates JumpForward and begins building version 1.0 of their Recruiting and Compliance platform with a small development team. These products quickly gain traction and Adam starts to look for more resources to add to the team. Current CEO Brad Niedermaier works with Adam to build out the right team to scale. Product Managers and Developers are added and things start moving. A Partnership with Bond Schoeneck & King is established to bring the Compliance ToolboxTM fully to market.

  • Recruiting Solution 2.0

    The summer of 2010 brought a new release of the Recruiting Solution (2.0) and Mobile Apps. JumpForward added 35 department wide customers and continued to grow by adding several members to the support team which became the foundation for JumpForward's customer support and service.

  • Compliance First

    The Compliance ToolboxTM made big strides in 2011. A summer product update was released centered around the core compliance processes of roster management, eligibility tracking, practice logs, phone call monitoring, official & unofficial visits. Updates continued into the fall with the release of JF Smartforms allowing a compliance department to send all student-athlete eligibility forms electronically and go completely paperless.

  • Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

    Product launches continued with the launch of JF's Recruiting Solution V 3.0 as well as the iPad App. Partnerships were made which brought Rules Education Training & The Game Plan Social Media Hub.

  • 100,000 Users and Going Strong

    With all types of users across the athletic department now invested in the JumpForward Platform, JF's user base soared past 100,000. Q1 Brought JF Quick Email, our Email Marketing Product. Q2 brought new features to the iPad Application. Q4 rounded out the year with the release of Workflows for the Smart Forms System as well as Team Scheduling. JF added 5 Developers to the team in 2013 preparing for a big 2014

  • New Branding Launch!

    JumpForward started out 2014 with a bang by introducing the POWER UP platform which adds Business Office, Academics, Development, Unified Athletic Department, and Predictive Analytics to the existing product suite. To coincide with the new direction, JF also relaunched its brand and redesigned the majority of its current product suite.